Thursday, May 29, 2008

rant: the HTML rant tag

No! I am not ranting. I swear. Me? Rant? No way! Wait a minute. I am ranting.

I am not sure that the HTML rant tag has anything to do with machete. Or, maybe the HTML rant tag will be the only product of the machete language. Anyhoo, while cruising the web for steampunk and of course whiling those time-consuming right turns, got Gigablasting neuromancer and bumped into the Sarcasm mark, as in <sarcasm>Oh really?</sarcasm>, which has lead me back to the HTML Rant tag.

<rant>Aaaaaaagh! It's already defined in Oh well. There is nothing new to define. Which means there is only one way to go forward: go backwards. Get out the machete and start hacking out keywords.</rant>

In the words, or at least the sig, of Michael J. Mahon:
"The wastebasket is our most important design tool--and it's seriously underused."

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